Today's Safe Passage Juvenile Docket was great!

Safe Passage, May 16, 2013

Posted by Lenni B. Benson
Safe passage day in the immigration court.  So many terrific volunteers. Four Columbia grads came, and many NYLS students and alumni. I love seeing an entering student helping a recent grad helping a senior alumna help a six year old child facing deportation On. I feel like my students are building a web of light and s…upport for the poor children caught between countries. Thank also to friends Karen Blood and Marie Kimmel who came and helped    Marie did art with the little ones as they waited for their hearings and Karen is studying our project in the hope that she can help use film to tell the story of how lawyers and students can make a difference in these lives. As always Virginia, Katie, Bethany, GUI, Susan and Martin were the core of our corps of pro bono volunteers. Get involved please.