Today’s Juvenile Docket was a huge success!

Safe Passage, June 13, 2013

Written by Amrika Sieunarine, a Safe Passage Project Summer Intern:

Today was my first day interning at the Safe Passage Project. I was lucky enough to be present at the immigration court with the Safe Passage lawyers and met some phenomenal people.  The stories were heart-warming. Listening to the young boy, seeing the fear in his eyes, hearing the hesitation in his voice reminded me of so much. Seeing the willingness and determination the Safe Passage team had to help not only that young boy but the other youths in the room was exceptional. The room was filled with young adults, parents and children. I was amazed that Safe Passage created an atmosphere that was opening to all. I saw so many volunteers working side by side with the lawyers, creating a safe space for the families and translating word for word. While the lawyers were interviewing the parents, the children were doing arts and crafts monitored by some of the Safe Passage volunteers. I found this very impressive being that many of these children are already going through hard times and they have an organization that is willing to help at no cost. Today was an amazing experience. I am so excited that I have an opportunity to intern at the Safe Passage Project this summer and I’m looking forward to my next visit to the immigration court.

My first assignment was to thank the wonderful students and attorneys who volunteered with Safe Passage at today’s juvenile docket:

  • Jonathan Grant                                      
  • Stephanie Tennant
  • Christine Ryu
  • Margaret Saselu
  • Merrill Clark
  • Martin Rothstein
  • Sandra Nichols
  • Melynda Barnhart
  • Kim Hawkins
  • Adam Antreassian
  • Katie Smelas
  • Katherine Doscher
  • Marc Valinotti
  • Rosalio Mata
  • Virginia Vazquez
  • Lee Koch
  • Vanessa Caicedo
  • Aruna Chittiappa
  • Lauren Porretta
  • Senad Ramovic
  • Alexander Weinman
  • Christine Maggiore
  • Leila Murphy
  • Anthony Sears
  • Cathy Barreda
  • Amrika Sieunarine
  • Marie Kimmel
  • Willy Papper
  • Jackelin Rodriquez
  • Karen Blood
  • Middle schoolers: Natalie, Lilly, and Jenna

Once again thank you to our wonderful volunteers!

Safe Passage needs your help! Have some extra time? Want to help the younger generation live the “American Dream?” Volunteer!  Donate!  Safe Passage is looking for student volunteers and attorneys who are willing to donate their time and experience for youths who are in need of a greater support system.  If you are interested, please contact us at