Immigration Court, Reflections of an Incoming 1L at New York Law School

Safe Passage, July 22, 2013

As an incoming first year law student, I am very impressed by the Safe Passage Project, the work  it does, and the genuine care, compassion and initiative demonstrated by Professor Benson, her colleagues, the Project law students, summer interns and pro bono attorneys.

Observing court, I watched as children and parents/guardians alike became afraid, startled, shy, emotional and intimidated by Immigration Court. And yet at the end of each hearing they largely seemed relieved. Professor Benson and her Associates conduct thorough screenings and prepare and stand by all of the pro bono attorneys to make sure that each case goes smoothly for everyone involved.  I would urge potential volunteer lawyers not to be frightened by a new practice area, but instead to embrace it knowing that Safe Passage will provide you with all of the resources you will need to build a solid case for a child in need. 

Law School has started off on the right foot thanks to Safe Passage.

– Alexander Weinman

New York Law School, Class of 2016