All attorneys appearing in immigration court must complete eRegistration before December 10, 2013

Safe Passage, July 17, 2013

At this time, we want to share the following important information pertaining to appearing in the Immigration Court:
Attorney E-Registration:  The Executive Office for Immigration Review (“EOIR”) has announced that all attorneys who represent people in immigration court proceedings must register and have on file with the court an electronic Form EOIR 28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative before the Immigration Court.  All attorneys must complete this requirement before December 10, 2013
Unfortunately, there is no exception for pro bono attorneys.  Every attorney appearing in front of the court must complete the electronic registration.
First step:  Go to and click at top of page where it says “To access EOIR’s eRegistry, please click here.”  Follow the prompts and complete the online registry.   Please make sure to complete the online information accurately in order to be able to complete the second step of the validation process.
Second step:  You will need to appear in person at the New York Immigration Court (or another immigration court) in order for court personnel to look at your original photo identification (passport or driver’s license) and confirm your identity.  No one else can appear on your behalf.  PLEASE NOTE:  This step can only be completed on specific dates set by the immigration court.  The court has just scheduled the following dates:
7/29  10-2:30 PM last names beginning with M-P
8/5    10-2:30 PM last names beginning with Q-U
8/12  10-2:30 PM last names beginning with V-Z
8/19  10-2:30 PM walk ins
8/26  10-2:30 PM walk ins
If these dates do not work for you, do not worry.  The court will continue to schedule additional dates, and we will update you as they become available.  Additionally, you can periodically check the court’s e-registration website available at  
Third step:  The court will complete the process and issue you an EOIR Identification number.  You will then need to enter this number on all EOIR-28s that you file with the court.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.