September juvenile docket impressions and thanks from Safe Passage student Nicola Chambers, 3L, New York Law School

Safe Passage, September 27, 2013

I decided to work with the Safe Passage Project because it incorporates my two passions:  my love of immigration law and my passion to help children who I believe are the unseen and unheard voices in a world where adult needs and desires usually take precedence.   I did not know what to expect of my first day at the immigration court, however, I was truly amazed at what I learned and experienced.    I was amazed that so many lawyers took time out of their busy schedules to be a part of the program that advocates for children who desperately need help in order to have a better future.  I was also amazed at the level of commitment that the Safe Passage Project staff at New York Law School (NYLS) exhibited in making sure that every single child was represented and had a fair hearing in Court.    I was also impressed by the Judge, who really cares about making sure that each child in her court room was given the opportunity to receive a fair hearing.    I got the feeling that she does not want to see a child returned to a horrible situation in his/her home country without exploring every possible immigration relief available to allow the child to remain in the United States, where they will be safer and have an opportunity to advance educationally and socially.

The best experience of the morning was sitting with Professor Rothstein and volunteer law student Alexander Weinman as they conducted the interview with one of the Safe Passage children.    During the interview, you could see the relief on the mother’s face to be reunited with her daughter who made the journey alone from Honduras.  You could also see joy and relief on the daughter’s face because she was reunited with her mother and no longer fears for her safety every single day.   Also, one of the things that really touched me was when the daughter said, “Now I have more to eat.”

At the end of the day, I felt that I was a part of something bigger than even I understood.  It was really inspiring to watch as the Safe Passage Project staff and the Pro-bono attorneys advocated tirelessly for the safety and well-being of these children.

Thanks to the many pro-bono attorneys and law students who volunteered at the September 12, 2013 docket.  You were truly amazing!

  • Adam Antreassian
  • Alexander Weinman
  • Carolina Lopez
  • Christine Maggiore
  • Farrin Anello
  • Katherine Doscher
  • Lee Koch
  • Marie Kimmel
  • Merrill Clark
  • Paul Irlando
  • Robert Findaro
  • Rosalio Mata
  • Sandra Nichols
  • Shani Adess
  • Sandra Nichols