Nina Rumbold and Denise Seidelman, Safe Passage Attorneys of the Week

Safe Passage, October 3, 2013

Nina and Denise

Nina Rumbold and Denise Seidelman practice exclusively in the area of adoption and reproductive law. For over fifteen years, their firm has been devoted to representing adoptive parents, birth parents and participants in collaborative reproduction. Ms. Rumbold completed her undergraduate studies at Connecticut College before graduating  from New York University Law School in 1978. Ms. Seidelman did her undergraduate studies at University of Pennsylvania and graduated from Washington College of Law in 1979. Both women began their legal careers as criminal defense attorneys at the Manhattan office of the New York Legal Aid Society. They have been best friends and colleagues since 1979.

Ms. Rumbold and Ms. Seidelman became involved with Safe Passage in 2012. Their recent work on behalf of two boys from Guatemala remains one of Safe Passage’s most challenging cases. According to Safe Passage fellow Gui Stampur, “Denise and Nina worked around the clock on this case. They are dedicated, passionate exemplary attorneys, whose work on this most recent case demonstrated why they are considered the best adoption lawyers in New York. They are truly model attorneys, who deserve all the credit for helping turn around these boys’ lives.”

Their expertise in adoption law, advocacy, depth of understanding and compassion led their clients to say, “Without Denise and Nina, we don’t know where we would be. They have changed our lives, the life of my family, and we can now pursue our dreams as valued members of society. They helped us step out of the shadows, unified our family, and have given us a new outlook on life. We hope that one day we can repay them for their tireless work on our behalf. We are forever grateful.”

***Safe Passage Feature written by 3rd year New York Law Student and Safe Passage Advocate Kara Kelly.