Huffington Post Op-ed: "We Must Honor the Rule of Law for Desperate Children at the U.S. Border"

Safe Passage, July 31, 2014

Huffington Post | July 31, 2014

Some suggest that the refugee crisis unfolding on our southern border has been triggered by disrespect for the law. But, what exactly does the law require that we do with these desperate children?

The law provides, first, that we protect the basic rights of these kids, their physical safety, health and well-being. Second, we have an obligation to determine who among them has a legal right to stay and who must go. Finally, we must ensure that all such determinations regarding the immigration status and rights of each child are made with full respect for due process.
That is, in fact, what the law requires. Now, however, a consensus seems to be emerging between the White House and Congress to diminish the protection and due process rights of children…