Eric Rosenstock, Safe Passage Attorney of the Week

Safe Passage, August 4, 2014


Eric Rosenstock was born and raised in Costa Rica. He is a native speaker of English and Spanish, and also fluent in Portuguese. Eric arrived in the United States of America in 1983 with his family. For his undergraduate studies, he attended Washington University. Eric found himself being drawn to a career in law because of his desire for justice. He went on to graduate from Yale University Law School in 2005 and is now an accomplished immigration lawyer. Eric’s proficiency includes both employment-based and family-based cases. His representation includes those of corporations, families, and individuals in an extensive selection of affairs.

Eric became familiar with the Safe Passage Project during a meeting with Professor Lenni Benson, the Director of the program. After hearing about the program’s goals and outreach, Eric knew he wanted to get involved.

Currently, Eric is about to finish his first case with Safe Passage Project. He is waiting on an interview for his client to receive a Green Card. Eric has described his experience working with Safe Passage Project as “humbling and fulfilling”. He feels blessed to have been involved with the program. He also describes it as “daunting” to see all the work that still needs to be done and the children who need help. After the completion of this case, he hopes to continue working with Safe Passage to help more immigrant youth.

When not working, Eric loves spending time with his one year old son, Eli.

Eric’s site can be reached here:


*** Safe Passage Attorney of the Week profile written by Safe Passage Intern, Holly Hickman and Safe Passage Volunteer, Katheryn Rengifo.