Juan Chiquillo of Safe Passage discusses the "Millions in Aid to go to Children who have Crossed the Border"

Safe Passage, September 25, 2014

LOGO FPJuan Chiquillo of Safe Passage discusses the recent $1.9 Million public-private Unaccompanied Minor Initiative with Univision”s, Mariela Salgado. Mr. Chiquillo explains that funding will go toward increasing access to counsel for children in removal proceedings. Safe Passage, Legal online slots Aid, Catholic Charities, and The Door will share the funds to address the overwhelming need for high quality, free legal representation and access to social, mental health, and medical services. Like adults facing deportation, children are not provided government-appointed counsel to represent them in immigration court.  Despite the fact that many of these children have legitimate claims to relief, without legal representation, these young people will be sent back to their home countries, where they will likely encounter abuse, persecution, gang violence or possible death.


See the video (in Spanish): http://nuevayork.univision.com/videos/video/2014-09-24/ayuda-millonaria-para-ninos-de