Audley-Seymor Foster, Safe Passage Project Attorney of the Week

Safe Passage, February 19, 2015

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By Devi Patel

Audley-Seymour Foster is an immigration lawyer whose practice focuses on Special Immigration Juvenile Status applications, asylum, family petitions and removal defenses. Before becoming an immigration advocate, Audley-Seymour served as advisor in a number of permanent and observer missions to the United Nations. A member of CARICOM legal team during the conference for the drafting of the Arms Trade Treaty, he has worked on many climate changes, law of seas and international humanitarian resolutions at the United Nations.

A firm believer in pro bono work, Audley-Seymour learned about the Safe Passage Project during a Westchester Bar Association meeting two years ago. Soon after, he started volunteering. Since then he has taken on three cases. In 2014, Audley – Seymour assisted a young man from Honduras facing deportation. When Audley-

Seymour first met the client, the language barrier between the two was extremely apparent. Through the use of creative communication techniques and the help of a Safe Passage volunteer translator, Audley-Seymour was able to help the young man obtain asylum relief. Audley-Seymour and the young man remain in touch and they enjoy helping each other learn a new language.

Audley-Seymour finds working with Safe Passage an extremely rewarding experience. He is moved by the determination and drive for success in his clients. He enjoys watching his clients make friends and contribute positively to the United States. He is honored to have had the experience of working with Safe Passage and looks forward to taking on his next case.

A published writer, Audley-Seymour’s debut novel, “Til Green Card Do Us Part,” (published under his nom de plume, Seymour Horatio, takes “a behind-the-scenes look at the volatile issue of illegal immigration in post 9/11 Metropolitan New York.”

When Audley is not practicing law or writing, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and singing with the United Nations Singers (he has performed with the chorus in China, Japan (twice), Germany and in the Tri-State area).