Safe Passage Project Director Lenni Benson featured in El Diario

Safe Passage, March 4, 2015

Professor Lenni Benson and The Safe Passage Project were recognized in El Diario NY– A little light for Central American children

On Friday mornings at 26 Federal Plaza, Immigration Courts are full of children who look lost and confused while they face removal proceedings for the New York area. Amongst the confusion professor Lenni Benson is speaking to any family that would listen, offering help and guidance through the legal process to the unrepresented immigrant children.

Professor Benson is aware of how grueling the legal process could be and of the many opportunities available for children that have adequate legal representation, so she created The Safe Passage Project in 2006. Today, The Safe Passage Project includes a full time staff and a network of alumni and volunteer attorneys, social workers and translators who help these children through their immigration proceeding from start to finish. “Our project works because everyone involved is really committed, this is a very delicate situation that we could not ignore. These children are here and we must help them.”

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To see a translation of the article in English, click this link: A Little Light for Central American Children.