Careen Shannon goes to Washington

Safe Passage, December 14, 2015


Recently, Careen Shannon, whom we featured a few weeks ago on this blog, went to Washington DC to meet with White House officials. There she advocated, along with other NGO representatives and law firm partners, for Central American immigrants, particularly families, and children. She posted about the meeting as well, which we’ve shared below.

“My main purpose in coming to DC this week was to attend yet another meeting with White House officials along with NGO and law firm partners to advocate for better access to counsel for detained Central American families (women and young children) and for unaccompanied children (mostly teenagers) who continue to flee horrific violence and persecution in their home countries and seek safety and asylum in the U.S. Conditions for these migrants are still unacceptable, with violations of basic due process and lack of access to meaningful counsel [becoming] the norm. But at least the government folks are listening to us. — at White House Conference Center.”