Safe Passage Project Volunteer of the Week: Wendy Miron

Safe Passage, December 1, 2015

Wendy Miron began volunteering with the Safe Passage Project in September, 2014, as a volunteer social worker. She heard about Safe Passage at a book drive at La Casa Azul, an independent Latino bookstore in the East Harlem neighborhood. Before volunteering with Safe Passage, Wendy had previously worked in the area of reunification of immigrant families, where she ran support groups for mothers who were waiting to be reunified or were recently reunified with their children. This work allowed her to learn about the various challenges that unaccompanied immigrant youth and their families face when they arrive in America.


At Safe Passage, she has helped many youth clients navigate the complex systems of New York City, including assisting them with school enrollment, health insurance enrollment, and obtainment of various social services. She has helped youth get their IDNYC, and has been able to guide them through multifaceted legal processes with the hope of eventually gaining legal immigration status. Wendy has a deep understanding of the trauma that so many Safe Passage clients have faced in their home country and on their journey to the US. She has used this knowledge to form strong relationships with Safe Passage youth, and has assisted them with locating appropriate mental health service providers.


Wendy now provides weekly clinical supervision to the full-time staff social worker. Her knowledge and experience make her an integral part of the Safe Passage team, and have been essential to the growing social services side of Safe Passage. She has an undeniable passion for working with immigrant youth and families, and we are lucky and grateful for the incredible support she provides to both youth clients and staff members. Thank you for all of your hard work, Wendy!