My Story – Bryan A.

Safe Passage, January 7, 2016

IMG_1514When I think back on the time of my immigration case and making sense of immigration court and being in a strange new place, without status, and feeling really scared, I remember that I could not have been successful without Safe Passage. When I first met, Guillermo, Nina, and Deinse and the members of the Safe Passage Team in 2012, I was in the most challenging era of my life. I did not have a lawyer and my family unable to pay for a lawyer.  At that first meeting, I remember Guillermo telling me that I qualified for Immigration relief under U.S. law and could possibly obtain my legal permanent residency. I remember thinking it had been such a long and difficult road for us and thinking maybe this was our opportunity. Maybe I was going to get a break. For some reason, we left that meeting in the late afternoon confident that something good had to come out of it. I did not imagine I would obtain my Legal Permanent Residence. I did not know that at that meeting, I was being introduced to the team that would change my life forever.

Looking back on it, there inside that little conference room, I officially met  two awesome individuals that eventually became so close to my brother and me. What they did for us was incredibly difficult and after working with a team of lawyers who told us that could not do anything to help us, Guillermo and his team gave me confidence to keeping fighting and the inspiration to believe that maybe they could win my case.

When I talk to my brother about it, I am not really sure why they wanted to help me and my brother.  I had no clue who they were or why they were helping us, but I remember one of them regularly saying “never give up, look forward and dream bigger than before”. I think about it all the time. This sticks with me and helped me stay strong through over 12 court appearances and throughout the case.

I remember telling my story to Guillermo for one of the court documents and being very emotional. The Safe Passage team calmed me down paying close attention to every single detail, but not judging us about our difficult childhood.  This might be one of the most important factors that made my brother and me feel confident that we were in good hands. Not only there concern for our outcome but their passion to make sure we felt comfortable.

The hard work of Safe Passage and the dedication to me and my brother  changed my life. I thank God, my family and the members of Safe Passage organization, because  without their support and continuous efforts I wouldn’t have obtained my Legal Permanent Residence in the United States. This journey took a long time and made me very sad at times. This country has taken me in and decided to protect me in a way I was not previously protected. My brother and I are so thank full for this opportunity to be successful adults in the United States, which is why we will continue to work very hard to soon give something back to the country that accepted us and gave us a second chance.

Thank you to Safe Passage for the opportunity to fight for our goals and a brighter future.

                                                                                                                -Bryan A.