Gates Foundation invites Safe Passage Project to Seattle

Safe Passage, May 26, 2016

Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationLast Week, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invited Megan Eiss-Proctor, Safe Passage Project Associate Director, Operations & Development, to attend the “Gates Social” in Seattle. The Gates Social featured a session with Sue Desmond-Hellman, CEO of the Gates Foundation. Sue welcomed attendees from various nonprofits across the country, as well as from larger companies including Microsoft and Facebook, in order to discuss her two years with the Foundation, and to begin a dialogue between leaders about the bright future of non-profits. Our Associate Director, Megan Eiss-Proctor, took to Seattle to participate in this
discussion, which was in the format of a question-and-answer conversation.


Click here to watch the entirety of this inspiring discussion.