Lenni Benson, Safe Passage Founder, Quoted in The New Yorker and City Limits

Safe Passage, March 1, 2017

Safe Passage staff and affiliates have been incredibly busy providing educational and legal clarity to immigrant communities as new announcements continue to spark fear and uncertainty throughout the city.

Among those hard at work is Professor Lenni Benson, founder, who attended a February meeting of the Brooklyn community group Darfur People’s Association. Afterwards, Benson stayed to assist Sudanese attendees in better understanding their own unique immigration situations.

Her time speaking with attendees is quoted in the article Sudanese Refugees After the Ban from the 3/6/17 edition of The New Yorker and may be read in its entirety HERE.

Benson is also quoted a recent article in City Limits, where she discusses the relationship between New York City’s record of protecting immigrant data and the Trump administration’s insistence that it will sanction municipalities who refuse to cooperate with immigration officials.

“The importance of the details matter,” Benson says. “Until the federal government articulates rules and programs and specifics, I don’t think people should stay away from safe housing because they are afraid the city would have to turn over their records.”

The 2/24/17 article, Shelter System and Other NYC Services Should Be Safe For Migrants, Experts Say may be read on the City Limits website HERE.