Pod Save the People Features Safe Passage Supervising Attorney, Stephanie Gibbs

Safe Passage, March 21, 2018

This week, Crooked’s ‘Pod Save the People’ featured Stephanie Gibbs, Supervising Attorney at Safe Passage Project, to talk about some of the current issues that immigrant youth are facing. Hosted by DeRay Mckesson, this weekly podcast delves into social, political, and cultural issues with local and national experts, leaders and influencers. Stephanie joined Mckesson on the show along with Irma Solis at NYCLU to highlight some of the ways in which the DOJ, ICE and local police are putting immigrant children at greater risk of deportation. Stephanie shed light on the challenges presented by the current administration, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ efforts to restrict immigration judges’ ability to  administratively close cases.
You can listen to the full segment here, beginning at 39:00.