Professor Lenni Benson presents at WNYC’s Greene Space

Safe Passage, January 24, 2020

Safe Passage Project Founder Lenni Benson recently spoke about the history of immigration in the United States at a event at WNYC’s Greene Space:

“Immigration is perhaps the most polarizing issue in our current political climate, and yet there are several policy proposals that have widespread support — what’s apparently lacking is the political will to bring about reform.

WNYC immigration reporters Matt Katz and Beth Fertig take you beyond the soundbites and lean on historical perspective, lived experience and experts on different sides to talk over achievable solutions to this controversial issue.

Director of the Migration Policy Institute Muzaffar Chishti, Senior Policy Adviser Casey Christine Higgins, New York Law School Professor Lenni Benson, Rachel Salazar, supervising attorney, New Jersey Detention and Deportation Defense Initiative and Edafe Okporo, executive director, RDJ refugee shelter, and DACA recipient Carolina Fung-Feng will discuss DACA and the Dreamers, farm workers and seasonal visas, America’s refugee quotas and more.”

Watch Professor Benson’s remarks below.