America’s Voice Article of Interest: Statement by Frank Sharry


America’s Voice | July 23, 2014

The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, with respect to the current Congressional debate regarding Central American children who are seeking safety at our border.

As the House Working Group’s recommendations released today make clear, Republicans are hell bent on tying any supplemental appropriations to changes in the 2008 TVPRA.  This is exactly the wrong way to address this emergency unfolding in the region.  It will result in children who are eligible for protection in the United States being sent back to the violence they escaped…

Open Letter to President Obama for the Protection of Child Migrants

Open Letter to President Obama July 18 2014 (Click to view)

Safe Passage Project Praised in NY Daily News Article: “New York Law School’s Safe Passage Project helps unaccompanied immigrant children navigate the immigration court system”

According to a recent Syracuse University report, about 90% of unaccompanied children seeking asylum without an attorney were deported. Meanwhile, of those with legal assistance, 47% were able to remain in the U.S.

Albor Ruiz | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | Sunday, July 20, 2014

Watching how racist, grossly opportunistic politicians have turned the humanitarian tragedy of the Central American border children into a despicable hate fest is a terribly sad spectacle. To see how instead of offering them the protection of the world’s richest, most powerful country, these so-called leaders are tripping over each other to expel these innocents without regard for existing laws or the consequences to them, is moral misery at its worst.

It is even sadder that some people in towns like Murrieta, Calif. and Oracle, Ariz. have taken to the streets carrying signs like “Not our children, not our problem” in a brutal display of racism and hatred to intimidate and reject exhausted boys and girls seeking refuge from violence and poverty.

It is not only sad, but ridiculous, that the ineffable Rick Perry, the would-be-President governor of Texas, had made a fool of himself by having his picture taken carrying a rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest while “patrolling” the border, apparently to “defend” it against an “invasion” of terrified little kids running for their lives.

Fortunately, what is neither sad nor ridiculous, but uplifting and heartwarming, is the work of the Safe Passage Project at New York Law School…

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Claire Thomas Quoted in International Business Times: “For Child Migrants In Court, Access To A Lawyer Depends On Chance”

IB Times | Brianna Lee | July 17, 2014

For the tens of thousands of Central American unaccompanied children who have entered into the United States in recent years, the journey doesn’t stop at the border: They must appear at an immigration hearing where a judge decides if they have legal relief to stay in the country. But only about half of these children are represented by a lawyer in court…

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Safe Passage Project and Claire Thomas Featured in The Daily Dot Article

How You Can Help Undocumented Kids Without Leaving Your Computer

Aaron Sankin | July 17, 2014

A 10-year-old boy currently resides somewhere in the Seattle area…

In September, the boy will appear in court to plead his case before an immigration judge. On the other side, there will be Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lawyers, armed with a deep knowledge of the country’s labyrinthine immigration system, arguing that the boy should be sent back to his home country. The boy will have to rely on the advice of his court-appointed lawyer.

The problem: That court-appointed lawyer doesn’t actually exist…

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Safe Passage Project on Univision: “Abogados que representan a niños en la frontera”

Safe Passage’s Staff Attorney Claire Thomas and two NYLS students, current summer intern Carlos Valenzuela and upcoming Safe Passage student Lori Vergara, were interviewed by Univision on July 15th. The following interview is in Spanish.

Attorneys Make A Difference! (New Data on Unaccompanied Children in Immigration Court)

The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University has collected and analyzed new data, which offers new insights regarding government policies that are handling the recent influx of unaccompanied children looking to enter the United States. The data shows that almost half (48%) of the children appear in court without the assistance of an attorney, and that the Immigration Judge ordered deportation for nine out of ten. On the other hand, of the 52% of the children that were represented by a lawyer, about five out of ten were allowed to remain in the United States. The data shows that the work of attorneys and organizations, like the Safe Passage Project, makes a huge difference to the lives and futures of these children.

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Safe Passage’s Claire Thomas and Volunteer Attorney Susan Henner Quoted in: “Some children who crossed Southwest border are in Westchester, Rockland”

Cara Matthews | lohud The Journal News

There has been an influx of unaccompanied children crossing the Southwest border, which has overwhelmed the court system and federal shelters. Most are from Central America, particularly Honduras…

Claire Thomas and Safe Passage Project Quoted in New York Law Journal: “Growing Border Crush Adds to Existing Strain in New York”

Growing Border Crush Adds to Existing Strain in New York
Todd Ruger and Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal
July 14, 2014

The urgent need for immigration judges to handle the flood of over 57,000 unaccompanied children who have crossed the Southern border of the United States since October is adding to the strains on an already swamped immigration system in New York and the rest of the country.
At a time when the nation’s busiest immigration courts have been dealing with unprecedented backlogs that have delayed cases for years, the anticipated relief for those courts in the form of new judgeships is being shaped by the demands of the border crisis.
President Barack Obama wants to hire more immigration judges and lawyers to confront the growing humanitarian crisis on the Southwest border, but his plan would still fall short of meeting the needs of the nation’s overburdened immigration courts…

Safe Passage, John Jay College, and La Casa Azul BOOK DRIVE Begins Today

Article on NBC News posted today, July 10, 2014:

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