Professor Lenni Benson quoted in China Daily Article: “Diplomacy could hold key to fugitive case”

Safe Passage, June 22, 2015

China Daily

Professor Benson commented in a China Daily article the likely outcome of the case of Yang Xiuhzu.

“As China’s most-wanted economic fugitives sits in a New Jersey jail seeking asylum in the United States, legal observers say the US and China may resolve her status through diplomacy.” […]

“I think the State Department will be inclined to work with China on an extradition” for Yang, Lenni Benson, professor of law at New York Law School and director of the Safe Passage Project said in an interview with China Daily on Thursday.

She added there is a section of immigration law that contains an exception to asylum protection “(if) there are serious reasons for believing that the alien has committed a serious non-political crime outside the United States prior to the arrival of the alien in the United States,” the section reads.”


Article written by Paul Welizkin.

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