Field Day at John Jay

Safe Passage, April 19, 2016

JJ1On Saturday, April 16th, several John Jay Honors Students planned a Field Day event for unaccompanied undocumented minors. John Jay College hosted the event in their school gym, and provided equipment, such as soccerballs, kickballs, basketballs, and volleyballs. Safe Passage Clients were invited to the event, as well as a diverse group of NYC school students. More kids, more fun. John Jay students, Safe Passage Staff, ULAMP interns and several volunteers had the opportunity to play and mingle with the clients and the NYC school students.

After two hours of play, everyone was invited to lunch, which was provided by MBJ Food Services at John Jay. During lunch, John Jay students had a conversation with the Safe Passage clients. The clients were asked to discuss and describe how they felt by attending events like these, how much support they received since they came to the United States, their aspirations, and how more people can support them. Several clients said they were happy to attend these events because it gets their mind off their current problems, allowing them to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation. They were also thankful for everyone who had helped put the event together. They definitely left feeling happier than when they first came to the event. Even several of the NYC school students chimed into the discussion to tell their stories as undocumented minors.


After lunch, the clients were invited to the Jay Walk (outdoor garden at John Jay) to take part in the John Jay Alumni Reunion Celebration. They had snacks such as churros, ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, and lemonade. Several clients got their faces painted and played games on the site. They also got balloon hats and balloon animals. John Jay students and clients bonded over their favorite hobbies.

After an impromptu photo shoot with the clients and John Jay students, the event ended with small presents, portable chargers and portfolios, for the clients which were provided by John Jay’s Student Council.  Thanks to everyone who contributed and/or came to the event!