Riverdale Country Day School Community Day 11/19/2016

Safe Passage, November 29, 2016

On Saturday, November 19th, students and alumni of Riverdale Country School in the Bronx invited community-based organizations to share a day of service and giving. Attendees had a chance to do projects at various tables or to donate blood. Safe Passage Project clinic students Ann Pham and Melissa Salama as well as Cherish Pratt of the NYLS Office of Experiential and Clinical Learning joined Professor Benson at the event. The group brought stories and photographs of some of the youth Safe Passage Project assists. Community members donated Spanish language books and made bookmarks.

Participants at the Safe Passage Project tables also made friendship bracelets for newly-arrived immigrant children. When asked by a child why they were making bracelets for someone he didn’t know and why he couldn’t keep it, Cherish Pratt told him that is was “So they will know we are friendly and because they don’t have any bracelets or much of anything when they come here.”


Ann Pham, NYLS Clinical Student, learning how to make friendship bracelets.

“I absolutely loved this event and the idea behind it! This day was about giving and it was great to see so many adults and children engaged in the cause and willing to do what they can to give to those who don’t have all the things we take for granted every day. Despite it being a Saturday morning, the place was packed and everyone was enthusiastic to be there. From making friendships bracelets to donating books and everything in between, this event was a great way to allow even the youngest child a chance to help others!”

Melissa Salama

NYLS Clinical Student Melissa Salama making a friendship bracelet with one of the children.