Help Us Fight Back Against Family Separation

Safe Passage, September 20, 2018

As we speak, our government is forcibly separating immigrant children from their families. These children have already suffered so much – escaping violence and turmoil in their native country, and making the dangerous trek to the U.S. After all of this, these children are being resettled all over the country and placed into deportation proceedings – without being provided a court-appointed lawyer.

This is an atrocity and a human rights violation, and we must fight back.

The Trump administration has continued to challenge and limit the rights of immigrant communities, aggressively ramping up removal efforts for immigrant children and their families. You may have also seen that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decreed that that women suffering from domestic violence are no longer eligible for certain protections. Safe Passage Project’s Senior Training Attorney, Alexandra Rizio, issued an advisory to our pro bono attorneys in response to Sessions’ decree, ensuring that our army of pro bono attorneys is informed and ready to continue fiercely advocating for our young clients.

How You Can Help

With all of these horrifying stories circulating, it’s vital to note that we are still fighting for these children – and you can help. Many of these children will be sent to New York, and we aim to take on ten additional cases to make sure that they don’t face the immigration process alone. That means ten more refugee children who will be given a free, competent attorney to help them escape the dangerous conditions of their home country and pursue a safe and stable life in the U.S.

Donate.  We need to raise $2,500 in order to provide legal and social services to each new client that we take on. Help us reach our $25,000 goal and donate today. Your donation can make all the difference for a refugee child.

Volunteer. Sign up on our online form to take on legal representation of an immigrant child.