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**If you want to Volunteer with us please sign up on our Volunteer page.  We are happy to provide our volunteers with additional resources and sample documents.

New York Immigration Coalition’s Community Toolkit

The following is a list of resources explains the rights of non-citizens when it comes to ICE, working with attorneys, access to education and health care, and more. Link HERE.

Up-To-Date Information on Recent Executive Orders and Know-Your-Rights Materials

Please visit NYU’s Immigrant Rights Clinic’s Resources page.

Civil Rights Challenges to President Trump’s Executive Orders

University of Michigan Law school is compiling ongoing litigation surrounding Trump’s immigration-related executive orders. For the list, click HERE.

Know Your Rights

Additional multilingual resources from the National Immigrant Justice Center, including resources for LGBT immigrants and unaccompanied youth.

Immigration Raids – Know Your Rights

If you haven’t already, please review: Basic Rights In English.

Si no a revisado el documento, por favor lea: Derechos Basicos En Espanol.

If you have more questions, the Immigrant Defense Project published this very helpful brochure in English. You can also find more information at the IDP website.

Si tiene mas preguntas, el “Immigrant Defense Project” publico este folleto muy informativo en espanol. Tambien puede encontrar mas information en su pagina de la red de IDP.

Safe Passage Training Videos

Click here to see our YouTube Channel with videos of past trainings.

Click here to see our Family Court Simulation Training from December 8, 2014.

By Safe Passage Project’s Lenni Benson, Founder, and Claire Thomas, Director of Training.

Immigration Court Resources

Click here to find a list of resources regarding immigration court.

Educational Rights of Minors in New York State

Click here to find a list of resources regarding a minor’s right to education in New York State.

Public Education

Safe Passage Project  is actively engaged in the following initiatives:

Public Education Screenings

Safe Passage conducts “Know Your Rights” information sessions and screenings for immigrant children living in the New York City metropolitan area at local public schools. It also conducts screenings at non-profit organizations such as SCO Family of Services. Please contact Guillermo Stampur for further information: [email protected]

Immigration Trainings for Volunteer Attorneys and Law Students

Safe Passage provides free naturalization and SIJ status trainings for volunteer attorneys and students. Past trainings have been held at New York Law School, other public schools and at law firms throughout the New York metropolitan area, including Kaye Scholer, LLP, Gibney LLP, and Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP.

Other Resources

Office of Refugee and Resettlement Info on Unaccompanied Children Released to Sponsor by State

A Treacherous Journey: Child Migrants Navigating the U.S. Immigration System

UNHCR Report: Children on the Run

Unaccompanied Children in the United States: A Literature Review by The Vera Institute

The Flow of Unaccompanied Children Through the Immigration System

Migrant Rights and Justice by the Women’s Refugee Commission

Administrative Appeals Office Practice Manual

Lenni Benson’s Testimony to the NY State Assembly – September 2014

Lenni Benson’s Testimony to the NYC Council – Sept. 29, 2014

Lenni Benson’s Testimony to the New York City Council – December 9th, 2015




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