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Immigrant children are at risk.

Want to take action? We're looking for 250 new pro bonos to represent them.

This year, thousands of young people right here in New York will face deportation. Without an attorney, 80% of these children will be deported. But with a free lawyer from Safe Passage Project, those very same young people have a 90% chance of winning their immigration case and remaining safely in the U.S.


Together with our army of more than 400 pro bono attorneys, we already provide nearly 1,000 young refugees with a free lawyer – more than any other organization in New York. But we need to do more.

While we continue to see threats of mass deportation raids and hear horrifying accounts of conditions in migrant shelters, our team is stepping up to provide more young people than ever before with a free attorney to help them on their path to citizenship. Since January 2019, we’ve already taken on nearly 200 new clients, and we’re just getting started.

Now is the time to join the fight. We’re looking for compassionate attorneys who want to fight for children’s right to safety and stability in the U.S.

No prior immigration experience? No problem. We have the experts and the resources already in place to support you throughout your representation.

If you’re an attorney in New York and want to know more, please enter your email. We will also host a webinar on September 24th to explain what it’s like to work on a pro bono case with Safe Passage Project. Please enter your email and we will send you more information. 

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