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The Safe Passage Project was selected as a Fall 2013 Pro Bono Heroes of the Northeast Region by American Immigration Lawyers Association

Congratulations to the Safe Passage Project and all of our pro bono attorneys and volunteer students!  The American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AILA) selected Safe Passage as the Fall 2013 Pro Bono Heroes of the Northeast Region, which includes nominations from Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Each quarter, AILA recognizes individuals and organizations from across the country that embody the ethical responsibility to provide pro bono service through promoting and contributing to pro bono work, taking on complex pro bono cases, or handling a significant number of pro bono cases or pro bono hours.

Thanks to every single one of you who partner with Safe Passage, and donate your time and legal skills, to positively impact the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in our community.


Each year thousands of children have been apprehended by U.S. immigration officials while entering the U.S. illegally. In 2014 more than 63,000 have immigrated into the United States. Many of these children are unaccompanied and are seeking refuge from abuse and maltreatment. Others come to the U.S. with parents or family members who are unable or unwilling to care for them. Because the immigration process is a civil system, aliens in the U.S. are not entitled to legal counsel at government expense. As a result, many immigrant children face a complex system on their own.

The Safe Passage Immigration Project, a division of the Justice Action Center at New York Law School, works with volunteer attorneys and New York Law School students to provide representation of unaccompanied minors in the immigration process. Safe Passage provides training, resources, and mentoring to volunteer attorneys regarding Special Immigrant Juvenile (“SIJ”) status as well as other possible immigration alternatives for children.

Project Attorneys:

Kelechi Acholonu, Shani Adess, Adam Antreassian, Jennifer Anzardo, Simone Archer, Melynda Barnhart, Jennifer Baum, Lenni Benson, Jessica Berkee, Darren Bloch, David Bredin, Megan Buckwalter, Yissel Cabrera, Dineen Cato, M. Omar Chaudhry, Merrill Clark, Lindsay Curcio, Sofia Dee, Rahki Dhanoa, Katherine Doscher, Neena Dutta, Megan Eiss-Proctor, Rosanna Eugenio, Priscilla Fasoro, Mimi Fei, Nicole Feit, Robert Findaro, Vincent Finocchio, Kiera Flad, Audley Foster, Eva Frecker, Michelle Gallo, Roxanna Garcia, Sarah Garcia, Lindsey Gauzza, Stephanie Gibbs, Brian Glass, Varvara Gokea, Matthew Goldsmith, Natalia Gouz, Jonathan Grant, Paul Grotas, Mathew Guadagno, Leanne Hamovich, Emily Hariharan, Jordan Harlow, Matthew Harris, Ian Harris, Kim Hawkins, Susan Henner, Desiree Hernandez, Paul Irlando, Marta Izak, Karen Jansen, Bryan Johnson, Gena Kerr, Amberin Khan, Jennie Kim, Jessica Klein, Amy Kurtich, Shenaz Lakdawala, Linda Lemiesz, Carlos Lopez, Natalia Lucak, Barbara Macina, Daphne Marin, Rebecca McCarthy, Amy McCoy, Mina McFarlane, Andrea Mendez, Carlin Meyer, Aleksander Milch, Camelia Mitchell, Brian Mulligan, Sandra Nichols, Jim O’Malley, Jessica Orozco, Gina Piazza, Gregory Pietrzak, Janet Porro, Matthew Presseau, Dhanoa Rakhi, Sophie Raven, Mary Ritger, Jennifer V. Rogers, Lelia Ruckenstein, Matthew Russell, Christine Ryu, Aleida Saenz, Margaret Saselu, Robert Scott, Denise Seidelman, Katherine Smelas, Frasile Stinvil, Kim Susser, Zarina Syed, Richard Tarzia, Stephanie Tenant, Mike Usher, Marc Valinoti, Damian Vargas, Analiz, Velasquez, Heather Volik, Barbara Weiner, Eli Wishnivetski, Marcus Yi, and Lyndsey Yoshino.

2012-2013 Safe Passage Student Advocates: 

Astrid Avedissian, Natalie Bello, Vanessa Caicedo, Nicola Chambers, Kara Kelly, Luisa Lebron,  Joanna Lehman, Elana Loeffler, Christine Magee, Wilda Rodriguez, and Karla Rosero.

Thank you to our volunteers!

We started as a small clinic based out of New York Law School – read about our affiliation here.

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